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Inspiring the new generations

Talent is like a little seed; when nurtured, it will flourish.

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ATLETICAGENEVE 2022: the best edition ever “This June 11, 2022 will have marked a further step forward in the development of the Geneva international meeting. We thus left bad luck behind us (mini tornado of 2019 forcing us to stop the meeting, our very promising, two hours before the end), then the cancellation due to the pandemic in 2020). Here we are again, ATLETICAGENEVE at the highest level! Emblematic of this new milestone: the extraordinary performance in the 100m: 9″98! Meeting record, EAP record, personal best for Charleston Cravont (USA). A hot time like this corresponds to 5th place in the world championships (Eugene), 6th in the Tokyo Olympics and such a performance would have meant the silver medal at the European championships! But this performance is not a unique feat. The entire meeting was very dense. 84,577 points !


Reels | ATLETICAGENÈVE 2022🎬 Ambiance à ATLETICAGENEVE 2022😍 ➡️Compilation des Reels postés durant le meeting sur notre PAGE INSTAGRAM, suivez ici pour des news et images en temps réel 👉ée par sur Mardi 14 juin 2022

Two weeks to go !

2 weeks to go ! ATLETICAGENÈVE is exactly 2 weeks away from its big event! Ladies and Gents, this 34th edition still retains great appeal from athletes and federations while continuing on its values and principles of the very first editions. A romantic flavor that has never been abandoned and that has strengthened the ties for generations of athletes that we are happy to find today as coaches, managers or leaders. Faithful to ATLETICAGENEVE, we will soon be on the track so that unspoken dreams will speak with numbers and tears of joy! Welcome to ATLETICAGENEVE 2022 Pablo Cassina President and founder

Three weeks to go !

3 weeks to go ! Time flies but the athletes are ready! ATLETICAGENEVE will welcome them in 3 WEEKS for strong moments, deep emotions, dreams that come true, smiles and tears of joy. For 34 years, we have been the dream factory for athletes ! To be continued ! You are welcome to ATLETICAGENEVE! Pablo Cassina President and founder

Four weeks to go !

  The 34th edition will be held on June 11, in exactly 4 weeks! We are in the middle of discussions with many athletes and managers who ask us questions. If you haven’t heard from us yet, be indulgent, you will all be contacted with a response. We have fallen a little behind the announced response time, thank you for your patience. The many relay teams will be honored and will ignite the entry meeting! It is always an exciting exercise to build a meeting of this level, the main objective of which is to offer athletes the best possible conditions to achieve the performance for which they have worked, suffered and had to question themselves so many once to finally give the best of themselves, once behind the starting line. Here in Geneva. The other day I read an

IT person for managing the competition

Join us in the heart of the organization and participate in the success of ATLETICAGENEVE! Application for an honorary IT specialist in Competition data management We are looking for a person capable of technically managing the international meeting in Geneva. This includes the integration of athlete data (provided as an Excel, CSV or TXT file to be imported) into specific competition management software (TAF3 from Seltec) and the management of the competitions during the meeting (June 11). She or he will collaborate with an experienced person from our team and if necessary, specific training is possible through the manager of this platform, at the Swiss level. The software makes it possible to provide the start lists, with bib numbers, and the results lists embedded live on the streaming channel and, if necessary (to be confirmed) TV. It will be necessary

2022 brochure

Now available The new meeting presentation brochure, intended to athletics fans, media and sponsors, is available. It contains facts and figures, meeting records, meeting evolution in the world ranking of the last 16 years, our core values, our committee and specially towards doping and cheating (EAP Code of Conduct and I Run Clean program), our presence in the social media, the live streaming impact in Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world, our sponsors and partners and many photos of the last edition. Enjoy ! Visit our sponsorship page (presentation brochure and sponsoring concept) Download our Presentation brochure (PDF) Contact us for any sponsoring requests.  

Athletes and organisers share satisfaction on ATLETICAGENEVE 2021 edition

Athletes and organiser share satifaction on ATLETICAGENEVE 2021 edition Oh yes, 2021 Edition very much positively compensed last 2019 stormy intrruped edition and the 2020 Covid withdraw ! This was the great edition we had expected. Thank you for a great participation. All athletes performed at their best level in a magnificent competition day. 389 Athletes (starts) 193 Men 171 Women 15 Men’s U18 10 Women’s U18 69 Countries 123 Season Best Details on Tilastopja website 62 Personal Best Details on Tilastopja website 10 National records (3 of them U23, 1 U20 and 1 U18) Ismael Debjani, (BEL) men’s 1500m NR (3:33.06 / 1202) Paulien Couckuyt (BEL), women’s 400m Hurdles NU23R (54.95 / 1174) Ramsey Angela (NED), 400m Hurdles NU23R (49.35/1162) Deborah Linseth Rodriguez, (URU) women’s 800m NR (2:00.20 / 1159) Ditaj Kambundji, (SUI) 100m Hurdles NU20R  (12.94 w+1.5/1158) Viivi Lehikoinen (FIN),

One wek to Go !

Following the announcement of measures to require a quarantine of at least 7 days for athletes residing in the United Kingdom (and in our case also South Africa, Canada and Brazil), to combat the spread of the new virus variant, around fifty high-level athletes had to give up participating in ATLETICAGENEVE. Despite this, one week before the meeting, the field remains qualitatively impressive and by the middle of next week we will be able to publish the long awaited start lists. At ONE WEEK to the event, we are ready for a great edition. All we want is that athletes find a well organised event where they can compete with a strong international field in order to get their best of. Their performance will be our sole satisfaction. Nothing more, nothing else. Ths is why we organise ATLETICAGENEVE. We are

8 countries drastically affected by travel restrictions in Switzerland

VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE We have received confirmation that athletes travelling from the following countries : United Kingdom (from May 27), Brazil,  South Africa,  Canada,  India,  Nepal ARE NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER SWITZERLAND or must comply with a quarantine period of at least 7 days !! In other words, athletes from these countries must submit to a quarantine of 10 days, reducible to 7 days in case of a negative covid test. EXCEPTIONS Athlete from those indicated countries but not coming from there, are possibly allowed to enter Switzerland IF, at least one week before the event can prove that have been in another country (not on the list). We suppose this would normally count as a equivalent of quarantine of the minimum required 7 days (if a negative covid test can be provided). We hope some of you are