Sports volunteering party at the Cirque de Noël

Geneva, 1st December 2022

It is a wonderful initiative that the City of Geneva and "Geneva Bénévolat", the Geneva volunteering platform (which we have been using for several years) to organize a first celebration of sports volunteering.
It was therefore at the Pajazzo's Cirque de Noël, on the plain of Plainpalais, that all the sports organizations of the canton were invited and met for a magical and wonderful evening, inaugurated by a speech full of motivation, enthusiasm and energy, beautiful words, recognition and, magnificent, beautiful projects from the Mayor of Geneva, Marie Barbey-Chappuis.

It is also an opportunity for us, ATLETICAGENEVE, to thank the work that our volunteers do to ensure that our event is where it is. Everyone has contributed, for 34 years, to raising this meeting among the best in the world.
And for us the word volunteer means absolutely everything because we are at an incredible level and, without any exaggeration, we can say that no meeting in the world can claim to have a 100% volunteer structure from A to Z.
Thank you to Genève Ville de Sports (yes, yes!), to Genève Bénévolat and to all those who support us directly and indirectly so that this meeting, beyond the sporting performances, continues to convey so many emotions.

All the sports were there and in particular we were surrounded by Gabriel Vida (president of the Geneva Athletics Association), Elena Portolès-Nickles (general secretary of the Geneva Athletics Association), Alain Hugentobler (timekeeper and resp. computers and networks of the Association Genevoise d'athlétisme), Werner Nickles (volunteer driver at ATLETICAGENEVE and wonderful almost full-time volunteer for athletics) Michèle Garlinski (committee of ATLETICAGENEVE). (all here, on Santa's sleigh).

But also our dear "cousins" from the Course de l'Escalade, Jerry Maspoli (director), Jean-Louis Bottani (president of the foundation of the Course de l'Escalade), Bruno Fries (vice-president of the foundation of the Course de l'Escalade) and Charles Navarro (President of Gobe Bitume).

Thank you !

Thank you to all the artists and the staff of Cirque de Noël, all really great and really in the oven and in the mill, between shows, dances, breathtaking acrobatics, juggling, clowning, handling, and, always the same (!), also at table service to serve each of the guests. What an extraordinary family that is the circus!
Our small sporting world was enthusiastic about this initiative and we are looking forward to a 2nd edition!

Eyes still full of stars and tears, thank you!

Pablo Cassina

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