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100m10.061186Tyrone EDGAR29 MAR 1982 GBR31 MAY 2008PB
Athlete's profile
200m20.211187Gilles QUÉNÉHERVÉ17 MAY 1966FRARacing Club de France15 JUL 1989Athlete's profile
400m44.991180Martyn ROONEY03 APR 1987GBRCroy12 JUN 2010Athlete's profile
800m1.47.301104André BUCHER19 OCT 1976 SUIAthlete's profile
1000m2.22.58998Cheikh BOYE10 AUG 1961 SENAthlete's profile
1500m3:33.061202Ismael DEBJANI25 SEP 1990BELCABW Nivelles12 JUN 2021PB+NRAthlete's profile
5000m15:06.16793Sami IMERI20 NOV 1963 SRBAthlete's profile
110m Hurdles13.241208Garfield DARIEN22 DEC 1987 FRAAthlete's profile
400m Hurdles48.401211Mamadou Kasse HANN10 OCT 1986 FRA10 JUN 2017 PB
Athlete's profile
3000m Steeplechase8.22.051157Benjamin KIPLAGAT04 MAR 1989 UGAAthlete's profile
High Jump2.311188Dimitrios CHONDROKOUKIS26 JAN 1988 CPRAthlete's profile
Pole Vault5.711187Charlie MYERS12 JUN 1997GBRGBR15 JUN 2019PB + NU23R
Athlete's profile
Long Jump8.231188Emmanuel BANGUÉ21 JUL 1971 FRA20 JUN 1998 Athlete's profile
Triple Jump17.421209Nathan DOUGLAS04 DEC 1982 GBR11 JUN 2006Athlete's profile
Javelin Throw80.971115Roberto BERTOLINI09 OCT 1985ITA06 JUN 2015 Athlete's profile
Discus Throw58.991042Patrick BUCHS07 OCT 1972 SUIAthlete's profile
Hammer Throw76.071133Marco LINGUA04 JUN 1978 ITA14 JUN 2003 Athlete's profile
Shot Put19.191073Scott LINCOLN07 MAY 1993 GBRAthlete's profile


Want to see EAP Records ?

100m10.991202Christine ARRON13 SEP 1973FRAFRAAthlete's profile
200m22.721163Jamile SAMUEL24 APR 1992 NEDNEDAthlete's profile
400m50.891170Christina BOTLOGETSWE01 OCT 1995BOTBOT09 JUN 2018Athlete's profile
800m1.59.691168Maryam JAMAL16 SEP 1984 BRNBRNAthlete's profile
1000m2.46.341022Sheila SHEBALUCK13 DEC 1964MRIMRI06 AUG 1988NRAthlete's profile
1500m4.15.671083Christina CARRUZZO09 JAN 1981SUISUIAthlete's profile
Mile4.22.341175Maryam JAMAL16 SEP 1984 BRNBRNCR (Asia)Athlete's profile
100m Hurdles12.801177Patricia GIRARD08 APR 1968 FRAFRAAthlete's profile
400m Hurdles54.561186Petra FONTANIVE10 OCT 1988 SUISUIO10 JUN 2017 PBAthlete's profile
3000m Steeplechase9.50.341118Anna Emilie MØLLER 28 JUL 1997 DENDENAthlete's profile
High Jump1.931150Emily BORTHWICK02 SEP 1997 GBRGBR12 JUN 2021PBAthlete's profile
Pole Vault4.501114Kristina GADSCHIEW03 JUL 1984 GERGER02 Jun 2012Athlete's profile
Pole Vault4.501114Lene RETZIUS04 JAN 1996FINFIN12 JUN 2021NRAthlete's profile
Pole Vault4.501114Angelica MOSER09 OCT 1997 SUISUI12 JUN 2021Athlete's profile
Pole Vault4.501114Elisa MOLINAROLO29 JAN 1994ITAITA12 JUN 2021Athlete's profile
Pole Vault4.501114Andrina HODEL02 JUN 2000 SUISUI12 JUN 2021PBAthlete's profile
Long Jump6.621134Nina PEREVEDENTSEVA02 MAY 1964 RUSAthlete's profile
Triple Jump13.861103Ottavia CESTONARO12 JAN 1995 ITAITAAthlete's profile
Javelin Throw58.191044Lu HUIHUI26 JUN 1989 CHNCHNAthlete's profile
Shot Put18.981144Krystyna DANYLCZYCK (ZABAWSKA )14 JAN 1968 POLPOLAthlete's profile
Hammer Throw61.77960Nicole ZIHLMANN30 JUL 1986 SUISUINRAthlete's profile
Discus Throw60.251076Denia CABALLERO13 JAN 1990 CUBCUB12 JUN 2021Athlete's profile
4x100m42.421191DEL PONTE Ajla 96 / ATCHO Sarah 95 / KAMBUNDJI Mujinga 92 / KORA Salomé 94SUISUINR

ATLETICAGENEVE - International meeting of Geneva

Since its creation in 1987, ATLETICAGENEVE has been serving athletes by offering the best international competition to Swiss athletes.
Co-founder of the EAP (European Athletics Promotion) circuit, ATLETICAGENEVE is a meeting where athletes adhere to the EAP Code of Conduct on the basis of the participation of athletes who do not cheat in any way.