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Facts & Figures

Welcome to the biggest athletics event in Geneva,
since over 3 decades !

Find out what it represents, not only in terms of performance, but also in volume, whether it is about the presence of people or the audience through, the image of Geneva in the world, and its impact on the world. local economy, the time of a WE.

What's behind the scene of this meeting, which exceeds 84,000 pts,
regularly ranks among the
top 40 meetings in the world ?
Attracting some 3,500 spectators (in normal period) around the track and the stands (estimate),
discover ATLETICAGENEVE  metrics !

(*2021 edition figures)


  • 84271 points (18th best meeting in the world,) at the moment of the meeting)
    • 82826 Result scores (14th best in the Word, at the moment of the meeting)
    • 1445 participation points (20th best in the World,at the moment of the meeting)
  • 412 Starts (for 389 athletes)
  • 71 Countries

Algeria (ALG),  Argentina (ARG),  Australia (AUS),  Austria (AUT),  Bahamas (BAH),  Belgium (BEL),  Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH),  Botswana (BOT),  Brazil (BRA),  Bulgaria (BUL),  Canada (CAN),  Cape Verde (CPV),  Colombia (COL),  Croatia (CRO),  Cuba (CUB),  Cyprus (CYP),  Czech Republic (CZE),  Denmark (DEN),  Eritrea (ERI),  Estonia (EST),  Finland (FIN),  France (FRA),  Gabon (GAB),  Georgia (GEO),  Germany (GER),  Great Britain (GBR),  Greece (GRE),  Hungary (HUN),  Iceland (ISL),  India (IND),  Iran (IRI),  Ireland (IRL),  Italy (ITA),  Ivory Coast (CIV),  Jamaica (JAM),  Kenya (KEN),  Latvia (LAT),  Liberia (LBR),  Lithuania (LTU),  Luxembourg (LUX),  Mali (MLI),  Malta (MLT),  Morocco (MAR),  Namibia (NAM),  Netherlands (NED),  New Zealand (NZL),  Nigeria (NGR),  Norway (NOR),  Peru (PER),  Poland (POL),  Portugal (POR),  Republic of the Congo (CGO),  Romania (ROU),  Russia (RUS),  Samoa (SAM),  Senegal (SEN),  Serbia (SRB),  Slovak (SVK),  Slovak Republic (SVK),  Slovakia (SVK),  South Africa (RSA),  South Sudan (SSD),  Spain (ESP),  Sweden (SWE),  Switzerland (SUI),  Togo (TOG),  Turkey (TUR),  Uganda (UGA),  Ukraine (UKR),  United States of America (USA),  Uruguay (URU)

  • 6 Continents
    • = 396 Europe
    • + 14 Africa
    • + 11 Oceania
    • + 11 South America
    • + 9 North America
    • + 8 Asia
  • 123 SB, nearly 1 in 4 athletes
  • 62 PB Personal Records
    • = 10% of athletes,
  • 4 meeting records including
    • 2 EAP records
  • 71 Performances> 1100 pts
    • Best Performance. : 1206 pts
    • 36th performance: 1150 pts
  • 10 National Records
  • 1 World lead
  • 160 Volunteers (CAG partnership)


  • 450 Athletes and coaches welcomed at the airport including
    • 381 at the expense of ATLETICAGENEVE, representating
  • 440 Full board stays entirely supported by ATLETICAGENEVE, but generating approx.
    • 150 Additional stays at the expense of the athletes and their entourage (coaches, families, etc.)
  • 8 Minibuses driven by
    • 12 Volunteers drivers for a total of
  • 2,800 kilometers for 4 days


    • 77 435 visits for the half-year 2021 (Jan-Jun)
    • 33'218 visits in June 2021
      • average 1,510 per month (June) with a peak of
      • 10,355 visits for the only day of the meeting (11 June 2021)
    • All geographic areas (6 continents) covered


    • 1,125 subscribers (selected)
    • 2,900 views on a single post on the day of the meeting (with 723 interactions)
    • 102,709 impressions over the year, with a peak of
    • 46,100 impressions for June
    • 1,100 subscriptions (selected)
    • 503 subscribers
    • 503 subscribers (selected),
    • 558 subscriptions
  • ATHLE.CH network
    • 80,000 people affected (mainly French-speaking Switzerland, rest of Switzerland and English-speaking areas)
    • > 50,000 views of presentation articles and embedded videos within a week-time


  • LARGE SCREEN (on track)
    • 30 sqm screen on track
    • Live view of the meeting (from 4 cameras), with athletes annoucements, interviews and results
    • Advertisments (number of displays, depending on contracts)
    • TV Spots (various displays, depending on contracts)
    • Logos from sponsors and partners
    • Regular announcements on the main sponsors and partners
    • Behind and aside the podium (winner ceremonies
    • Behind the interwie zone
    • At the hotel: photos of all the invited athletes and delegations (all tagged and in published)
    • Visible gifts and prizes from sponsors + sign of the prize-money
    • Announcements of the disciplines sponsors
    • Visible respectively distributed to all spctators and athletes
    • For all athletes and staff (total > 500) with the meeting name and the main sponsor


    • LIVE (in English, French, German):
      • 4 cameras including 1 for interviews
      • 7 hours of live (via throughout Europe, North America and Canada)
      • > 12,000 live views (live-streaming on the day of the meeting)
      • + 100 disciplines and interviews from the evening of the meeting, counting
      • > 39,000 views over a year
      • > 50,000 views of a single video (the Italian 400m record ), in a few days
    • 1 meeting announcement and live interview of the organisers on the TV set (Léman Bleu TV)
    • + Highlights after them meeting (on next day + a longer report, ~ 8' on Monday)
    • Highlights the evening of the meeting (~ 3-4') (on Télévision Suisse Romande)
    • Highlights depending on results and athletes, including on overseas TVs (TV5 Monde or EuroSport)


    • Local (Tribune de Genève)
      • Meeting announcement and then detailed presentation on local media, 4-5 times before the meeting
      • Article after the meeting, on next day edition plus middle of the next week
    • National
      • Various Swiss newspaper (both paper and digital versions)
      • Swiss Athletic Federation (presentation, report, results, interviews)
    • International
      • Various international and overseas newspapers (both paper and digital versions) depending on athletes performances
      • Specialistic newspeapers (L'Equipe, La Gazzetta dello Sport, etc.)
      • Various National Athletic Federations
      • European Athletics
      • World Athletics
      • European Athletics Promotion


    • 130 Volunteers (CAG partnership) working all day (and partially the day before and the day after the event) :

      • Installing 60 banners
      • Put up posters and fixing / hanging signage all around the track and the tribune, sponsor wall and roll-ups
      • 1 VIP lounge (helping of the professionals)
      • Preparing the doping-control and samaritans dedicated room
      • Mountings tents (x12), parasols, (x12), banks and tables, inside and outside the track
      • Installing electrical and computer wiring
      • Installing and connecting computers, copiers and printers
      • Connecting loud-speakers (x12)
      • Dispatching the water points
      • Installing hurdles, preparing sand for the long / triple jumps, preparing the mattress for pole vault and high jump
      • And much, much more .. !
    • 1 year preparation including (since 1987!)
      • 15 large committee meetings,
      • 30 select committee meetings, organisation, contacts, development, communication, ...
      • 1 general assembly

ATLETICAGENEVE - International meeting of Geneva

Since its creation in 1987, ATLETICAGENEVE has been serving athletes by offering the best international competition to Swiss athletes.
Co-founder of the EAP (European Athletics Promotion) circuit, ATLETICAGENEVE is a meeting where athletes adhere to the EAP Code of Conduct on the basis of the participation of athletes who do not cheat in any way.