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Inspiring the new generations

Talent is like a little seed; when nurtured, it will flourish.

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31 May: last opportunity to register

It’s today the last chanche to register at ATLETICAGENEVE ! So far, we’re just on a participation record: over 60 countries represented ! Harry up if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to compete at Geneva meeting. Dont be too late, register before midnight CEST time !    

2 Weeks to Go !

2 weeks only and the 33rd edition of ATLETICAGENEVE will welcome an excellent line-up. With each edition, the meeting has progressed steadily, guaranteeing us sustainability. Yes, we are still here with this reputation of which we are so proud, organically built, with our means, our know-how and our great passion. It’s an Olympic year! We have loyal athletes for whom this year may be their last international year. We have seen these athletes evolve over the years and it is for them an additional motivation to try to participate for the 2nd or even the 3rd time in the Olympic Games. The Geneva track is also magical, not to say fetish, because it allowed so many qualifications to these athletes. And so, this year, and despite the very real difficulties linked to the pandemic, many will be the athletes who

Volunteers: wanted ! Join the group !

Organising an event of this magnitude requires preparatory work throughout the year. The organizing committee is entirely voluntary. The organisational structure is based on the association explicitly created for this event and can rely on the competent work of members of the “Centre Athlétique de Genève”, partner and historic club. But the size of the meeting requires reinforcements for many tasks. They all have in common the fact that they can meet and rub shoulders with high-level athletes from all over the world. The experience is always very rewarding and when you see “this athlete” on the track and knowing that I had something to do with it too, it is very gratifying. And the athletes are very thankful to you. Who is responsible for driving the minibuses to transport the athletes from the hotel, who monitors access to the

Good news on the Covid restrictions front in Switzerland

“Coronavirus: Fourth round of lifting restrictions from Monday goes further than originally planned” As announced today, 26 May by the Swiss Federal Council, relaxations will come into force in a few days. From June 1, among other important news, as far as we are directly concerned, it is again possible to eat and drink in the seated places in public events if the contact details of all participants have been listed. In addition, it will again be possible to eat indoors at the restaurant. The rules are as follows: respect for distances or separations, 4 people maximum per table, registration of the contact details of all customers and obligation to consume seated. But it is above all to note the increase in the number of spectators authorized to attend the meeting: we go from a limitation to 100 to 300

We care about young talents

ATLETICAGENEVE’s objective is to allow young athletes of 16 and 17 years old (U18) to participate in the international meeting, is a very important source of motivation.The organisers are convinced that this experience represents a milestone for all these young people. Competing in the middle of a meeting just a few minutes from the confirmed stars, with a race dedicated to them and which attracts the attention of the entire public, gives them the spark. We are convinced that this spark can be the engine of a whole career (read more about our declared intents). It is a privilege reserved for young Geneva talents. Most, if not the majority, of established athletes all have a spark shining somewhere from their youth. To further mark this stage, the organisers have decided to offer all 32 U18-participants (8 girls and 8 boys

3 Weeks to go !

22 May 2022 This will be be a real huuuuge edition ! Not only long hurdles, not only Pole Vault, not only Discus Throw, not only high hurdles, not only relays, not only middle distances, not only spriiiiints, not only Javelin Throw, not only 400m, not only ….. everything is being completed by high quality athletes in all events. It’ll be a fireworks edition for this 33d edition, a year work being brought together, pieces by pieces, by the organisers. There’s only space left for … sponsors and volunteers. Sponsors: promote your image with ATLETICAGENEVE Contact us at and join your image and your values with ATLETICAGENEVE. More on our page. Volunteers: join the team ! We’re also looking for volunteers to help the day of the meeting (and the day before). Register on our platform. Learn more about

ATLETICAGENEVE invited to the debate on LémanBleu TV

May 16, 2021 ATLETICAGENEVE presents the various aspects of the organization linked to Covid, on the Léman Bleu TV program Walter Zecca, president, underlined the new logistical constraints and also the difficulties with which the meeting is confronted, linked directly or indirectly to the pandemic. An increase in certain significant costs (accommodation, transport), new costs (masks, gel, protection plan), increase in the athletic level of athletes (only professionals are admitted) and inherent costs, which must also face the ‘impossible equation linked to a decrease in sponsors. However, the pandemic has also reduced certain costs (giant screen VIP area), but this is not enough to balance the budget, especially since certain expenses are, so to speak, imposed (prize-money, anti-doping controls, reminder station. false start) by the regulations of the European Association (European Athletics) according to the category to which ATLETICAGENEVE belongs

4 Weeks to go !

15 May 2021 These 4 next weeks are somehing like the last 120m in a 400m Hurdles race… Despite being tired, you are clear-headed and still in a the frequency and speed .. But each new stride may have a surprise in store for you: when will lactic acid slow you down, how will you get past the last hurdles and cross the finish line? When your race will  finish …will you smile or grimace, show joy or disappointment? By analogy, ATLETICAGENEVE also achieves its own 400m hurdles, head down in order to offer the best opportunities to the athletes, keeping in mind the objectives and principles of the meeting. However, there are significant hurdles to clear in the coming four weeks. Many cards will be shuffled, some athletes will in the meantime improve their performance, create surprises and great

1 month to 12 June !

12 May, 2021 How are things going one month before the meeting? The demand is very high, athletes need and want to take part in the competitions. Many countries still cannot offer them, except for elite athletes, and even for them, conditions are onerous. Like every year, several international meetings are organised at this period and, it is normal, the best athletes do not know if they are admitted or not. Therefore, while waiting for confirmations, we find the same athletes registered on various meetings. We have to cope with waitlist. In some cases athletes or managers are very clear about that, and sometimes not. Depending on the evolution of performance, some doors open and others close. We therefore expect a strong athletes’ movement in both directions, especially based on the decisions of the organisers of the Golden League which

5 weeks to go !

8 May, 2021 The Geneva track looks quite busy these days and everyone, at his level, is training hard and is looking for competitions. A few days ago, we had the privilege of meeting an athlete, straight from the World Relays, and having chosen the Bout-du-Monde track for a training/recovery camp of a few days, before racing as a competitor next 12 June. Concerning the organisation of our event, on average, since the opening of the online registrations, we have received nearly 2 participation requests per hour (i.e. more than 38 per day) that we must consider, analyse, process and to which we must respond. ATLETICAGENEVE on fire Prestigious athletes will be announced soon, but we can assure you that this edition will make us forget the absence of a meeting in 2020 and the early interruption due to a