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Inspiring the new generations

Talent is like a little seed; when nurtured, it will flourish.

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22 June: two months to go !

Geneva, 22 April 2024 Announcing the 36th edition of ATLETICAGENEVE ! be patient, though ..official online registrations will open on May 6th, but be prepared to another great edition, with in perspective a fireworks of Olympics qualifications ! We’re back again, for athletics, trueathletics ! The 36th edition will also be a “vintage grand cru”. Ideally positioned after the European Championships in Rom and one week before the national champs, believe us, we will deliver many dreamed tickets to Paris. The reputation and attractiveness of Geneva’s International meeting are known everywhere. This is why we expect, again, over 80 represented countries. But we had to make some choices and our timetable had to cut out some series. So, we will propose “only” 3 series in the 400m and 400m Hurdles, and reduce to 6 the number of heats in the

With Ditaji Kambundji at Breitling Boutique in Geneva

With Ditaji Kambundji at Breitling Boutique in Geneva Geneva, 26 October 2023 An evening at the Breitling boutique in Geneva (Place des Bergues 1, 1201 Geneva) to present the collection of watches (Navitimer, Chronomat, Top Time, Premier, Superocean, Superocean Heritage, Avenger, Classic AVI), each more beautiful than the other, in the company of their ambassador Ditaji Kambundji (@ditaji.k), the champion of 60m hurdles and 100m hurdles. Mujinga’s little sister, smiling and available as usual, answered the questions of the store manager and the very select guests who were happy to admire the champion. We also had the opportunity to say all the good things we think of Ditaji who, during the last years of her young career, has already honored us with 4 Swiss records. Yes, because Ditaji doesn’t do things by halves! Her immense talent has often allowed her to

October: the hyperactive month for ATLETICAGENEVE !

October: the hyperactive month for ATLETICAGENEVE ! Autumn is the time when everything comes together to prepare for the following year. And the following year is nothing other than a year of European championships and Olympic Games! The quirks of the calendar, as a result of the upheavals due to covid, have placed the European Championships on our traditional date, causing us to slip to June 22. This month of October, after the business meeting with our accommodation’s partner Nash Airport, as a member of 3 European bodies (European Athletics, EuroMeetings and European Athletics Promotion), we participated in the European Athletics convention in several workshops. Interesting to find ourselves in the middle of business and to be able to give our contribution, experience (much appreciated) and our points of view. We talk about modernisation, about how we can make our sport more

Nash Hotels & ATLETICAGENEVE preparing the Olympics !

Nash Hotels & ATLETICAGENEVE preparing the Olympics ! Geneva, October 18, 2023 It is with mutual satisfaction that we reviewed the different aspects of welcoming athletes, managers and members of federations during the 35th edition of ATLETICAGENEVE, last June 11, 2023. The identification of several details discussed during the 2022 session were integrated into the athlete registration process and this facilitated their management upon their arrival. Because every little detail that makes the flow of athletes easier, faster and more fluid is essential for the success of the event. Imagine that in just a few hours, the reception desk has to deal with more than 300 athletes (in addition to their usual customers).. We have managed, with several upstream technological improvements (acquisition of data from each athlete, with respect of the GDPR regulation), to save 1 – 2 minutes per

Merci beaucoup ❣️

Newsletter Please select your language from the drop-down menu (if you are using a smartphone, you need to turn it horizontally to make it appear.) June 17, 2023 WE DID IT ! 💪 You can plan everything down to the smallest detail, but you never know what might happen in the end. But this time again we got there. All the conditions were met for this 35th edition to be a success. Such a high density of high-level athletes never seen on the Bout-du-Monde track. 82 countries represented and in sight the world championships of Budapest (and not only), produced the expected effect: excellent competitions in optimal conditions to lead to 8 meeting records (unheard of either!) and 8 national records. What a pleasure to see athletes satisfied and wanting to share their joy and express their sincere gratitude to the organizers

2 weeks to meet the world in Geneva 🧨 🧨 🧨

Newsletter Please select your language from the drop-down menu (if you are using a smartphone, you need to turn it horizontally to make it appear.) May 27, 2023 Over 80 countries announced ! You can’t miss it ! Not only an incredible number of countries are represented in this edition, but also a high density of top athletes and a selection of several young big talents destined to burst onto the international scene. You can say: I was there, what emotion, I saw everything !     A stellar edition guaranteed ! Book your place ! At two weeks, you can still book your seat in the grandstands “A” ! As usual, you can still have a free entry, all around the track. The committee wants everyone to be able to admire these competitions and the athletes. But if you wish to support

Near 500 registrations for 64 countries: and it’s only a beginning !

Your final 4 power-weeks ! To date near 500 registrations 😮‍💨, 65 countries 🌎. and it’s only a beginning ! There are novelties for this 35th edition. Top level athletes announced, from all parts of the globe wanting and expecting to go Swifter, Higher, Stronger. But they need your presence, your support, your complicity ! Visitors, this year you can pre-book a place for you, your family, your friends or customers and make sure you follow the meeting from A to Z. Get your ticket. Find the best formula at a very affordable price. You’ll witness 55 jaw-dropping finish line finishes and be able to watch 7 breathtaking jumping and throwing competitions in their entirety! At each competition, there are titled stellar champions or young talents in search of qualification for the world championships in Budapest (HUN) or the European U23 championships in

Myth, legend or reality?

Myth, legend or reality? How many athletes have achieved extraordinary performances, the personal best, their qualification for the Olympic Games or, like this year, world championships? There are several factors that mean that each year, we achieve exceptional results and that we have a very high retention rate. ATLETICAGENEVE opens the international season in Switzerland. It is an unmissable event not only for the best Swiss athletes but also the British (often the 2nd most represented nation), the French (the 3rd), the Italians, Dutch, Belgians, Irish, Germans, … etc 65 countries are represented for a total of 550 athletes! It is also one of the most appreciated meetings for its direct access. Imagine 400 athletes landing at the airport on Friday alone, the day before the meeting, and who in 5 minutes are already at the Nash Airport Hotel! This

5 weeks to go

35th edition of ATLETICAGENEVE, memorial Georges  Caillat The Geneva International meeting is now anchored in the tradition and corresponds to the official launch of the Swiss international season. And the word international is not in vain: ATLETICAGENEVE regularly attracts more than 60 nations (65 in 2022) for the 550 athletes from 5 continents. Bronze, the meeting knew how to evolve with modern athletics and keep intact its attractiveness and even develop it! Despite its extremely modest (not to say fragile) budget, the meeting continues on its way thanks to the help of the work of passionate volunteers who receive no salary or compensation of any kind. Geneva meeting is very attractive because of various key points. Of course the warm welcome from the whole organizing committee who make this meeting friendly and accessible. But also for other practical reasons. Geneva has a