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Inspiring the new generations

Talent is like a little seed; when nurtured, it will flourish.

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ATLETICAGENEVE launches the supporters’ campaign for 2023! In addition to the Bronze (50.-), Silver (100.-) and Gold (200.-) supporting members, you can now become a member of the 500.- Club. The 500.- club offers the following advantages: A seat reserved for you and up to 2 people of your choice in the stands. Invitation to the cocktail reception in the VIP box The post-meeting gala dinner, with the presence of some top athletes. The member also has the possibility of inviting other people of his choice with a supplement, from the 3rd guest, of CHF 50.- / per person. Members will also receive information on meeting activities (newsletter) throughout the year and can register for other events, such as support evenings, or other social occasions.   Click here to learn more about our Bronze, Silver, Gold supporter membership Learn more

Sports volunteering party at the Cirque de Noël

Sports volunteering party at the Cirque de Noël Geneva, 1st December 2022 It is a wonderful initiative that the City of Geneva and “Geneva Bénévolat”, the Geneva volunteering platform (which we have been using for several years) to organize a first celebration of sports volunteering. It was therefore at the Pajazzo’s Cirque de Noël, on the plain of Plainpalais, that all the sports organizations of the canton were invited and met for a magical and wonderful evening, inaugurated by a speech full of motivation, enthusiasm and energy, beautiful words, recognition and, magnificent, beautiful projects from the Mayor of Geneva, Marie Barbey-Chappuis. It is also an opportunity for us, ATLETICAGENEVE, to thank the work that our volunteers do to ensure that our event is where it is. Everyone has contributed, for 34 years, to raising this meeting among the best in the

Seminar and workshops of Swiss Athletics 2022

We were present at the traditional Swiss Athletics seminar on November 19, 2022, in particular at the Communication and Ethics workshops. The latter was particularly interesting and very topical for us who were already present at the World Athletics seminar just 4 weeks ago (at the same time as Swiss Athletics). Delighted to (re)see our federation already very actively at work and with the desire to integrate these new standards emanating from Swiss Olympic related to ethics (including in all the processes of the federation itself) and to situations doping, cheating and sexual harassment and abuse. This will have, among other consequences, the modification of the statutes of Swiss Athletics. Our history, directly linked to that of the EAP circuit, shows to what extent we were pioneers, not to say visionaries, (more than 30 years!) in the fight against doping.

Nash Hotels & ATLETICAGENEVE strengthening their collaboration

For several years, the Nash Airport Hotel **** has welcomed ATLETICAGENEVE athletes. We can say that the growth of our event resembles that of the Nash. This four-star hotel has undergone spectacular renovations and development with the opening of two additional adjoining structures at the beginning of 2019: the Nash Suites Airport **** and the Nash Pratik ***. This was a good thing because that same year ATLETICAGENEVE received the qualification for the World Athletics Continental Tour / Bronze which further raised the qualitative requirements both for the organization and the infrastructures and for the reception capacities. Today the Nash Hotel is the hotel that offers one of the largest reception capacities in Geneva. The Nash Airport has 173 air-conditioned rooms and suites, the NASH Suites 130 apartments and suites and finally the Nash Pratik 41 rooms, which makes a

Code of Conduct and Safeguarding policies

ATLETICAGENEVE was created in 1988 and the objective was to offer an international meeting where Swiss athletes could find high-level but also “clean” international competition. In those years, anti-doping controls were probably less efficient than today and their distribution in meetings was quite rare. We have always voluntarily requested the presence of the control agencies to come and carry out tests (and sometimes they have come), but we introduced from the beginning of the 90s, registrations obliging the athletes to make a declaration on their honor that they weren’t doped. We immediately extended this requirement to all meetings of the EAP circuit and from the end of the 1990s, from the creation of the first EAP website, we put unified registration forms online, with this clause. Today, all the meetings of the circuit, under our impulse, adhere to a Code

ATLETICAGENEVE at the General Assembly of the EuroMeetings

ATLETICAGENEVE is a World Athletics Continental Tour / Bronze meeting. It’s not “only” the 36th best meeting in the World, with its 84577 points, is the second best Bronze meeting in the World (and better than 7 Silver and 2 Gold meetings) ! The meeting is also part (and co-founder) of the EAP circuit, where it confirms its position as the undisputed leader since 2006 (16 years!), by achieving a new record for this same circuit. It is also quite natural that ATLETICAGENEVE is part of the EuroMeetings association and therefore present at the General Assembly, which was held in Tallin (EST) on October 22nd. This association has 48 of the best meetings in the world, in fact almost all the meetings of the Diamond League and the Gold Silver and Bronze meetings as well as some new Challengers meetings,


ATLETICAGENEVE 2022: the best edition ever “This June 11, 2022 will have marked a further step forward in the development of the Geneva international meeting. We thus left bad luck behind us (mini tornado of 2019 forcing us to stop the meeting, our very promising, two hours before the end), then the cancellation due to the pandemic in 2020). Here we are again, ATLETICAGENEVE at the highest level! Emblematic of this new milestone: the extraordinary performance in the 100m: 9″98! Meeting record, EAP record, personal best for Charleston Cravont (USA). A hot time like this corresponds to 5th place in the world championships (Eugene), 6th in the Tokyo Olympics and such a performance would have meant the silver medal at the European championships! But this performance is not a unique feat. The entire meeting was very dense. 84,577 points !


Reels | ATLETICAGENÈVE 2022🎬 Ambiance à ATLETICAGENEVE 2022😍 ➡️Compilation des Reels postés durant le meeting sur notre PAGE INSTAGRAM, suivez ATHLE.ch ici pour des news et images en temps réel 👉 https://www.instagram.com/athle.ch/Publiée par ATHLE.ch sur Mardi 14 juin 2022

Two weeks to go !

2 weeks to go ! ATLETICAGENÈVE is exactly 2 weeks away from its big event! Ladies and Gents, this 34th edition still retains great appeal from athletes and federations while continuing on its values and principles of the very first editions. A romantic flavor that has never been abandoned and that has strengthened the ties for generations of athletes that we are happy to find today as coaches, managers or leaders. Faithful to ATLETICAGENEVE, we will soon be on the track so that unspoken dreams will speak with numbers and tears of joy! Welcome to ATLETICAGENEVE 2022 Pablo Cassina President and founder

Three weeks to go !

3 weeks to go ! Time flies but the athletes are ready! ATLETICAGENEVE will welcome them in 3 WEEKS for strong moments, deep emotions, dreams that come true, smiles and tears of joy. For 34 years, we have been the dream factory for athletes ! To be continued ! You are welcome to ATLETICAGENEVE! Pablo Cassina President and founder