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Inspiring the new generations

Talent is like a little seed; when nurtured, it will flourish.

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1 month to 12 June !

12 May, 2021 How are things going one month before the meeting? The demand is very high, athletes need and want to take part in the competitions. Many countries still cannot offer them, except for elite athletes, and even for them, conditions are onerous. Like every year, several international meetings are organised at this period and, it is normal, the best athletes do not know if they are admitted or not. Therefore, while waiting for confirmations, we find the same athletes registered on various meetings. We have to cope with waitlist. In some cases athletes or managers are very clear about that, and sometimes not. Depending on the evolution of performance, some doors open and others close. We therefore expect a strong athletes’ movement in both directions, especially based on the decisions of the organisers of the Golden League which

5 weeks to go !

8 May, 2021 The Geneva track looks quite busy these days and everyone, at his level, is training hard and is looking for competitions. A few days ago, we had the privilege of meeting an athlete, straight from the World Relays, and having chosen the Bout-du-Monde track for a training/recovery camp of a few days, before racing as a competitor next 12 June. Concerning the organisation of our event, on average, since the opening of the online registrations, we have received nearly 2 participation requests per hour (i.e. more than 38 per day) that we must consider, analyse, process and to which we must respond. ATLETICAGENEVE on fire Prestigious athletes will be announced soon, but we can assure you that this edition will make us forget the absence of a meeting in 2020 and the early interruption due to a

6 weeks to go !

1st May, 2021 At exactly 6 weeks to the event, we are registering many participation requests. The attraction and the interest for ATLETICAGENEVE is growing, not also because of the meeting reputation and the Olympics year, but also because there’s a enourmous need of top competitions in this specific qualification’s period. This will be a high level edition, but we have to drastically apply qualitative choices. We won’t be able to take everyone. First of all, the first condition is the entry standards, but then, even within these, we will have to make selections because it will be impossible to satisfy everyone. The number of participants, both total and by discipline or by series, cannot exceed the imposed quota. We apologize in advance to the quality athletes or even meeting regulars who may have to be refused. We will have

We are back !

We are back But it’s not as evident as it may looks. Flashback 2019 The storm hit the stadium. A mini tornado with terrible gusts and heavy rain. The athletes who were on the track were stranded and suffered all the violence of this rain which in a few minutes flooded the track. Under the gazebo all the athletes took refuge in the four corners of the stadium, holding the 4 pillars tight to prevent everything from blowing away. It was dark cold and it was only 3:45 p.m.! We spent 45 minutes underwater. All the vaubans with the banners were lying down, the flags of the countries too. In the stadium grands everyone huddled in the center, incredulous of the “apocalyptic spectacle” they were witnessing. Vinco, stopped live broadcasting right after letting people know through social media what was

Geneva, on your road to Olympics

ATLETICAGENEVE on the direct route to Tokyo, it has never been so palpable. Saturday June 12 is a date that catches all eyes, and for good reason: the qualification period for the Olympic Games ends on June 29! ATLETICAGENEVE, therefore represents a step which for many is essential, especially since many international competitions have had to be canceled or postponed, often after the Olympics. We are in great demand both by Swiss and international athletes who are looking for their qualification standard. This also applies to the national relay teams. Ideally located, with a city airport, just 3 minutes away from the NASH Airport hotel, athletes know that we can provide them with exceptional competition conditions. The qualities of the track (so fast and reputed to be called magical) as well as its large 8-lane ring are all assets which

Happy Easter

We wish all the athletes a happy Easter in the hope that the current situation, which is very restrictive for many clubs and therefore athletes, may still allow a good preparation for the summer season. As ATLETICAGENEVE we make every effort to offer the best possible conditions, hoping to welcome as many of you as possible. Our schedule always provides for 22 disciplines and the usual number of series. We have delayed the opening of the online registrations to April 23 in order to better take into account the instructions that will be issued by the Swiss Federal Council. Until then, we hope that Switzerland, and more particularly the canton of Geneva, will be able to allow us to run the meeting with at least part of the public as well. But for now, please receive our best wishes for

Happy Easter : new collection kit

While the ATLETICAGENEVE committee is preparing for an excellent edition of the meeting (June 12), the Easter bunny has already brought his gifts: the new outfit collection with the new branding. We take this opportunity to inform you that we are working very diligently to offer an edition worthy of an Olympic year. After the devastating storm of 2019 and the cancellation of the 2020 edition, the athletes tell us how impatient they are for this edition. We will open registrations a little later than usual (April 26). From here, get ready because despite the restrictions we have to face, we are very optimistic and this edition is already shaping up to be fireworks! In the meawhile, we are happy to present our new collection kit (thank you A vos Marques !): A long-sleeved charcoal shirt A red polo shirt

Highlights of the Ordinary General Meeting of ATLETICAGENEVE

Highlights of the Ordinary General Meeting of ATLETICAGENEVE Geneva, Febraury 3, 2021 The ordinary general assembly of the organizing association of the ATLETICAGENEVE meeting took place on February 3, 2021 in an … unusual way. Indeed, it is the first time that it takes place in virtual mode and it is also the first time that it does not have to discuss the meeting. The reasons for these two “anomalies” are obviously to blame the pandemic which for a year has reigned supreme over all activities. But even without a meeting, the members who attended the assembly were not bored. The year 2020 has been important and dense. The organizing committee met (most often virtually) regularly throughout the year and was able to set up several projects, essential to support the development of the meeting. The magnitude of this and

June 12, 2021, maybe a lucky date?

June 12, 2021, maybe a lucky date? Unfortunately at the time of writing this article, the pandemic, with the virus but also its various variations, continues to create enormous difficulties all over the world. Some countries are declaring a new lockdown while for a few days the vaccination campaign has been organized everywhere. So, at 6 months of ATLETICAGENEVE, what are the prospects? No one can predict it and we are careful not to make predictions on such a complex and serious argument. However, one can hope that the vaccine will allow a gradual and rapid decline of the pandemic and that during the spring the situation – we hope – will gradually return to normal. Obviously, we are just a simple athletics meeting and have no pretensions. But our passion makes us dream and then we would like the

The Supporter Members campaign is launched

ATLETICAGENEVE is growing ! New image, new website, new ambitions, new structure ! ATLETICAGENEVE needs more support to strengthen and sustain its structure. This should enable it to assume its flagship role because there are many synergies with the cantonal movement and its bodies. They involve responsibilities that we wish to be able to continue to develop. Help ATLETICAGENEVE in achieving its objectives so that the meeting can continue to offer a spectacle of choice and that all athletics can benefit from it. Become a supporter member, join ATLETICAGENEVE !