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Application for an honorary IT specialist in Competition data management

We are looking for a person capable of technically managing the international meeting in Geneva. This includes the integration of athlete data (provided as an Excel, CSV or TXT file to be imported) into specific competition management software (TAF3 from Seltec) and the management of the competitions during the meeting (June 11).

She or he will collaborate with an experienced person from our team and if necessary, specific training is possible through the manager of this platform, at the Swiss level.

The software makes it possible to provide the start lists, with bib numbers, and the results lists embedded live on the streaming channel and, if necessary (to be confirmed) TV.

It will be necessary to manage the connections with the timing system (Omega) and the start system (with false start station). The entry of the results of the competitions (Long Jump, Pole Vault, Javelin Throw, Triple Jump, Discus Throw) is automatically and immediately pushed from the officials in the field, through connected and dedicated tablets.

Before the international meeting, it is hoped that this person can follow one or two other meetings (in May), at the Bout du Monde in Geneva in order to become familiar with the specific characteristics of this kind of competition and the people with whom to collaborate.

TAF3 from Seltec being a software specifically designed for athletics competitions, and one of the European standards, both the initial settings and its use are designed for this. Our organization has already used it successfully, so many of the features are already in place.

The IT specialist responsible until now is no longer available, which is why we are looking for a person who can replace him. She or he will be assisted by the experienced person who made the previous editions with this software. Other people will be present on the day of the meeting in the office room, to help with the smooth running of the competition.

The need is specific and urgent for this 2022 edition, but a long-term collaboration is possible.

The setting up of the competition should start quickly in order to become familiar with the software and do the necessary tests. A few hours here and there, until mid-May. But a more assiduous collaboration will be necessary the last 10 days before the event in order to ensure the settings for streaming etc.

ATLETICAGENEVE is the 40th best meeting in the world and is part of the World Continental Tour / Bronze and the EAP / European Athletics Promotion circuit.

The committee speaks French, so all exchanges are done in French, but understanding some German (the software being German) and English (the official language of the competition) may be useful.

Questions and contact:

Pablo Cassina

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