With Ditaji Kambundji at Breitling Boutique in Geneva

With Ditaji Kambundji at Breitling Boutique in Geneva Geneva, 26 October 2023 An evening at the Breitling boutique in Geneva (Place des Bergues 1, 1201 Geneva) to present the collection of watches (Navitimer, Chronomat, Top Time, Premier, Superocean, Superocean Heritage, Avenger, Classic AVI), each more beautiful than the other, in the company of their ambassador Ditaji Kambundji (@ditaji.k), the champion of 60m hurdles and 100m hurdles. Mujinga’s little sister, smiling and available as usual, answered the questions of the store manager and the very select guests who were happy to admire the champion. We also had the opportunity to say all the good things we think of Ditaji who, during the last years of her young career, has already honored us with 4 Swiss records. Yes, because Ditaji doesn’t do things by halves! Her immense talent has often allowed her to

Round table for the 25th anniversary of AC&T Sport Consulting to discuss safeguarding

Round table for the 25th anniversary of AC&T Sport Consulting to discuss safeguarding The fundamental and historical priority of ATLETICAGENEVE on the values and ethical principles that can be summarized, in the very broad sense, of fair play, have positioned ATLETICAGENEVE and also the meetings of the EAP circuit (European Athletics Promotion) with whom she inseparably shares destiny, among precursor events. Starting at the end of the 80s / beginning of the 90s on the principle of fair competition, without cheaters (doping), the concept has evolved over the years, but always having as a priority “here only athletes who give the best of themselves, on equal terms”. From the mid-1990s (with the advent of the fax) all participation contracts required the double validation of the sworn statement not to be doped and sanctions for the transgression of this clause. We

Athletes and organisers share satisfaction on ATLETICAGENEVE 2021 edition

Athletes and organiser share satifaction on ATLETICAGENEVE 2021 edition Oh yes, 2021 Edition very much positively compensed last 2019 stormy intrruped edition and the 2020 Covid withdraw ! This was the great edition we had expected. Thank you for a great participation. All athletes performed at their best level in a magnificent competition day. 389 Athletes (starts) 193 Men 171 Women 15 Men’s U18 10 Women’s U18 69 Countries 123 Season Best Details on Tilastopja website 62 Personal Best Details on Tilastopja website 10 National records (3 of them U23, 1 U20 and 1 U18) Ismael Debjani, (BEL) men’s 1500m NR (3:33.06 / 1202) Paulien Couckuyt (BEL), women’s 400m Hurdles NU23R (54.95 / 1174) Ramsey Angela (NED), 400m Hurdles NU23R (49.35/1162) Deborah Linseth Rodriguez, (URU) women’s 800m NR (2:00.20 / 1159) Ditaj Kambundji, (SUI) 100m Hurdles NU20R  (12.94 w+1.5/1158) Viivi Lehikoinen (FIN),

One wek to Go !

Following the announcement of measures to require a quarantine of at least 7 days for athletes residing in the United Kingdom (and in our case also South Africa, Canada and Brazil), to combat the spread of the new virus variant, around fifty high-level athletes had to give up participating in ATLETICAGENEVE. Despite this, one week before the meeting, the field remains qualitatively impressive and by the middle of next week we will be able to publish the long awaited start lists. At ONE WEEK to the event, we are ready for a great edition. All we want is that athletes find a well organised event where they can compete with a strong international field in order to get their best of. Their performance will be our sole satisfaction. Nothing more, nothing else. Ths is why we organise ATLETICAGENEVE. We are

8 countries drastically affected by travel restrictions in Switzerland

VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE We have received confirmation that athletes travelling from the following countries : United Kingdom (from May 27), Brazil,  South Africa,  Canada,  India,  Nepal ARE NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER SWITZERLAND or must comply with a quarantine period of at least 7 days !! In other words, athletes from these countries must submit to a quarantine of 10 days, reducible to 7 days in case of a negative covid test. EXCEPTIONS Athlete from those indicated countries but not coming from there, are possibly allowed to enter Switzerland IF, at least one week before the event can prove that have been in another country (not on the list). We suppose this would normally count as a equivalent of quarantine of the minimum required 7 days (if a negative covid test can be provided). We hope some of you are

31 May: last opportunity to register

It’s today the last chanche to register at ATLETICAGENEVE ! So far, we’re just on a participation record: over 60 countries represented ! Harry up if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to compete at Geneva meeting. Dont be too late, register before midnight CEST time !    

2 Weeks to Go !

2 weeks only and the 33rd edition of ATLETICAGENEVE will welcome an excellent line-up. With each edition, the meeting has progressed steadily, guaranteeing us sustainability. Yes, we are still here with this reputation of which we are so proud, organically built, with our means, our know-how and our great passion. It’s an Olympic year! We have loyal athletes for whom this year may be their last international year. We have seen these athletes evolve over the years and it is for them an additional motivation to try to participate for the 2nd or even the 3rd time in the Olympic Games. The Geneva track is also magical, not to say fetish, because it allowed so many qualifications to these athletes. And so, this year, and despite the very real difficulties linked to the pandemic, many will be the athletes who

Volunteers: wanted ! Join the group !

Organising an event of this magnitude requires preparatory work throughout the year. The organizing committee is entirely voluntary. The organisational structure is based on the association explicitly created for this event and can rely on the competent work of members of the “Centre Athlétique de Genève”, partner and historic club. But the size of the meeting requires reinforcements for many tasks. They all have in common the fact that they can meet and rub shoulders with high-level athletes from all over the world. The experience is always very rewarding and when you see “this athlete” on the track and knowing that I had something to do with it too, it is very gratifying. And the athletes are very thankful to you. Who is responsible for driving the minibuses to transport the athletes from the hotel, who monitors access to the

Good news on the Covid restrictions front in Switzerland

“Coronavirus: Fourth round of lifting restrictions from Monday goes further than originally planned” As announced today, 26 May by the Swiss Federal Council, relaxations will come into force in a few days. From June 1, among other important news, as far as we are directly concerned, it is again possible to eat and drink in the seated places in public events if the contact details of all participants have been listed. In addition, it will again be possible to eat indoors at the restaurant. The rules are as follows: respect for distances or separations, 4 people maximum per table, registration of the contact details of all customers and obligation to consume seated. But it is above all to note the increase in the number of spectators authorized to attend the meeting: we go from a limitation to 100 to 300

ATLETICAGENEVE - International meeting of Geneva

Since its creation in 1987, ATLETICAGENEVE has been serving athletes by offering the best international competition to Swiss athletes.
Co-founder of the EAP (Events for Athletics Promotion) circuit, ATLETICAGENEVE is a meeting where athletes adhere to the EAP Code of Conduct on the basis of the participation of athletes who do not cheat in any way.