Let prepare the show together !

Geneva, 11 May 2024 Six weeks to prepare the show together ! Our committee would not be able to organize a World Continental Tour meeting without the support of our sponsors, our dedicated donors, a pool of partners and, of course, the impressive number of volunteers and the staff of the sports center of the Bout-du-Monde which takes this meeting particularly seriously. We thank them all for getting involved and committing to this thrilling adventure. Come and support these athletes who have been preparing for years, to shine and to be able to participate in these Olympic Games which are the goal of an entire career, an entire life. This is so important! The Olympic Games, you realize what it represents in sacrifices, dedication, resilience and… a whole staff who works hand in hand to improve performance, sometimes by a

Wondermeeting & ATLETICAGENEVE

Geneva, 6 May 2024 Wondermeeting, the tailored meeting management solution for ATLETICAGENEVE ! For us, who are a little more than 6 weeks before the meeting, this is the moment when we put most of our efforts into managing the flow of registrations which for 4 days, since the registrations’ opening, have been flowing in constantly and at any time and to which we must give precise answers as quickly as possible. But did you know that a large part of ATLETICAGENEVE’s success lies in the quality of its centralized logistics management? We have developed a very versatile, collaborative and complete tool which allows us to manage the entire meeting in real time, including the transfer of competition data to Seltec® so that we can generate start lists, display PB/SB and manage athlete honors and post-meeting with the management of

6 May: it’s time to register

Geneva, 6 May 2024 That’s it ! From this moment on, and in particular this first week, we will be literally overwhelmed by hundreds of requests to participate! ATLETICAGENEVE is a meeting in high demand. The reputation of the organization, the very fast track in all disciplines (including the ring that the 400m and 400m hurdles runners favor), the extreme proximity of the airport – NASH Hotel (in 4 minutes: a real world record for organizers) and the very high international competition (more than 80 countries represented) mean that the approximately 500 athletes who will be selected for this 36th edition will find themselves in conditions of high performance. This is the goal! The stakes are high: the Olympic Games in focus! So let’s open the cage to the lions! Link to the registration page For obvious logistical reasons and

7 weeks to make a top event

Geneva, 4 May 2024 Time is collapsing! Here we are, 7 weeks to the day, from the 36th edition of ATLETICAGENEVE, World Continental Tour / Bronze. This day, June 22, will allow many athletes to get a ticket for the Olympic Games (or to confirm their good shape). But behind the scenes of the organisation, this means managing 500 athletes (over 80 countries!), 440 nights supported (out of a total of around 600), 300 flights at Geneva airport. During these next 7 weeks, all this will have to be put in place, by managing everyone’s contracts, changes, cancellations or withdrawals (injuries, drop in form or engaged in another meeting…), last minute requests , communication, logistics, pressures from all sides and the unforeseen events that we try to anticipate. Six and a half  hours of meeting at the highest level with

1st May it’s always working day for volunteers

Geneva, 1st May 2024 On this first of May, while we celebrate work, we are only a few days away from May 6 and therefore… from the opening of the long-awaited registrations for the international athletics meeting in Geneva: ATLETICAGENEVE! We will gradually communicate to you the renowned entrants that you will be able to come and see on June 22. But in the meantime, the Geneva athletic movement is already very active with several competitions having already been organized on the magical Bout-du-Monde track. However, our eyes are currently fixed on the World Relay Championships which take place in the Bahamas on May 4 and 5, with the relays of the Swiss 4x100m team to follow in particular our Geneva athletes Felix Svensson and Timothé Mumenthaler! We will then find them at ATLETICAGENEVE on June 22. It’s also today

Let’s rock in 8 weeks

Geneva, 27 April 2024 Ready to rock again ? Get ready to witness the thrill of athleticism like never before! 🌟 ATLETICAGENEVE 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️  is back and it’s bigger, bolder, and faster than ever! 🏆 Mark your calendars for June 22, because ATLETICAGENEVE is about to become the epicenter of global sportsmanship (there we forget our modesty a little..) and adrenaline-pumping action! 💥 🔥 From record-breaking sprints to jaw-dropping field events, join us for a day filled with electrifying performances that will leave you on the edge of your seat! 🚀💨 🎉 Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for an unforgettable experience, ATLETICAGENEVE promises something for everyone! 🙌 📢 Spread the word and let’s create memories that will last a lifetime! 🌟 Let’s rock again !   @atleticageneve @eapcircuit @swissathleticsfederation @worldathletics @europeanathletics @groupechevalley @geneve_athletisme @geneveaeroport @lamobiliere @courseescalade @hager_global @numosystems @laiteriesreuniesgeneve

22 June: two months to go !

Geneva, 22 April 2024 Announcing the 36th edition of ATLETICAGENEVE ! be patient, though ..official online registrations will open on May 6th, but be prepared to another great edition, with in perspective a fireworks of Olympics qualifications ! We’re back again, for athletics, trueathletics ! The 36th edition will also be a “vintage grand cru”. Ideally positioned after the European Championships in Rom and one week before the national champs, believe us, we will deliver many dreamed tickets to Paris. The reputation and attractiveness of Geneva’s International meeting are known everywhere. This is why we expect, again, over 80 represented countries. But we had to make some choices and our timetable had to cut out some series. So, we will propose “only” 3 series in the 400m and 400m Hurdles, and reduce to 6 the number of heats in the

October: the hyperactive month for ATLETICAGENEVE !

October: the hyperactive month for ATLETICAGENEVE ! Autumn is the time when everything comes together to prepare for the following year. And the following year is nothing other than a year of European championships and Olympic Games! The quirks of the calendar, as a result of the upheavals due to covid, have placed the European Championships on our traditional date, causing us to slip to June 22. This month of October, after the business meeting with our accommodation’s partner Nash Airport, as a member of 3 European bodies (European Athletics, EuroMeetings and European Athletics Promotion), we participated in the European Athletics convention in several workshops. Interesting to find ourselves in the middle of business and to be able to give our contribution, experience (much appreciated) and our points of view. We talk about modernisation, about how we can make our sport more

ATLETICAGENEVE - International meeting of Geneva

Since its creation in 1987, ATLETICAGENEVE has been serving athletes by offering the best international competition to Swiss athletes.
Co-founder of the EAP (Events for Athletics Promotion) circuit, ATLETICAGENEVE is a meeting where athletes adhere to the EAP Code of Conduct on the basis of the participation of athletes who do not cheat in any way.