Geneva, 6 May 2024

Wondermeeting, the tailored meeting management solution for ATLETICAGENEVE !

For us, who are a little more than 6 weeks before the meeting, this is the moment when we put most of our efforts into managing the flow of registrations which for 4 days, since the registrations' opening, have been flowing in constantly and at any time and to which we must give precise answers as quickly as possible.

But did you know that a large part of ATLETICAGENEVE's success lies in the quality of its centralized logistics management?

We have developed a very versatile, collaborative and complete tool which allows us to manage the entire meeting in real time, including the transfer of competition data to Seltec® so that we can generate start lists, display PB/SB and manage athlete honors and post-meeting with the management of reimbursements, the establishment of statistics and costs.

All this data is produced upstream by our “Wondermeeting” solution, developed down to the smallest detail with the company for 3 years. We are really thankful to Mr Paolo Sioli for his personal, proactive and outstanding dedication to this project.

We wanted to manage everything: athlete's registrations (but also coaches, managers, media, medical staff, VIP, sponsors), statuses (received, processed, confirmed, refused, lost, wait-list), lists by discipline, by managers, generate the countries represented, know at any time the total cost but also per athlete, per manager, per discipline, both for the hotel with the number of nights, the type of room and with whom it is possibly shared, as well as for transport with all the travel plans. flights (or train, bus, car) arrivals and departures, meals (including vegan meals).
One of the important new features of Wondermeeting is the automatic updating of all PB and SB, with display of the point value and the year. This operation is done automatically for the entire base, every night but can also be activated manually for each athlete or for all requests. It’s a huge time saver! And also in efficiency because we can have directly before our eyes everything we want to know to make our best choices of confirmation or, unfortunately, refusal.

Wondermeeting is able to send custom participation confirmation letters to both the athletes and their manager, with all the details of the agreement and a reminder of the criteria (name of manager, trip, hotel, discipline, performance considered). If participation under the stated conditions is confirmed by the athlete (or their mamager), then a link must be clicked to update and obtain additional information so that the hotel can process, through this , more quickly the athlete when he presents himself at the reception desk. The hotel will know in advance the choices relating to its room, the vouchers for meals (including vegan), and the necessary identity data.

The data collected is subject to data protection rules and is not subject to any other use than that of the strict framework of the meeting, during this period.


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ATLETICAGENEVE - International meeting of Geneva

Since its creation in 1987, ATLETICAGENEVE has been serving athletes by offering the best international competition to Swiss athletes.
Co-founder of the EAP (Events for Athletics Promotion) circuit, ATLETICAGENEVE is a meeting where athletes adhere to the EAP Code of Conduct on the basis of the participation of athletes who do not cheat in any way.