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8 May, 2021

The Geneva track looks quite busy these days and everyone, at his level, is training hard and is looking for competitions. A few days ago, we had the privilege of meeting an athlete, straight from the World Relays, and having chosen the Bout-du-Monde track for a training/recovery camp of a few days, before racing as a competitor next 12 June.

Concerning the organisation of our event, on average, since the opening of the online registrations, we have received nearly 2 participation requests per hour (i.e. more than 38 per day) that we must consider, analyse, process and to which we must respond.


Prestigious athletes will be announced soon, but we can assure you that this edition will make us forget the absence of a meeting in 2020 and the early interruption due to a mini-tornado in 2019. We are back!

The live broadcast, for your convenience, will be available on two separate channels, one in English and the other in French + German (bilingual speakers live by More to come.

We are therefore a little late on some requests and we apologize to those who are waiting n answer, but we are lucky to be able to manage this with a custom developed tool that is quite extraordinary (we will talk about this tool on a further occasion).

However, we continue to receive registrations that are not compatible with our Entry Standards and we regret having to refuse them. We absolutely must stick to these stnadards, and even tighten them in many cases because the number of places is really limited because of the sanitary conditions.

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