June 12, 2021, maybe a lucky date?

Unfortunately at the time of writing this article, the pandemic, with the virus but also its various variations, continues to create enormous difficulties all over the world.

Some countries are declaring a new lockdown while for a few days the vaccination campaign has been organized everywhere. So, at 6 months of ATLETICAGENEVE, what are the prospects?

No one can predict it and we are careful not to make predictions on such a complex and serious argument.

However, one can hope that the vaccine will allow a gradual and rapid decline of the pandemic and that during the spring the situation - we hope - will gradually return to normal.

Jason JOSEPH (LC Therwil, Swiss Record holder 110m Hurdles)

Obviously, we are just a simple athletics meeting and have no pretensions. But our passion makes us dream and then we would like the meeting to give the opportunity to so many athletes who for a year had to do the accounts with difficult and limited training conditions, to express themselves on the magical track of the Bout-du-Monde.

Back on track !

So, this June 12, 2021 could really be for many athletes, the official date of their entry on the international scene.
ATLETICAGENEVE may be one of the very first international meeting of the 2021 season, preparing athletes for Tokyo.

This date could turn into gold for many athletes and the media could come in droves to follow this start of a particularly important season for international athletics.

We are all very impatient to be able to vibrate all together again to the exploits of the athletes.

We cross fingers not to be forced to limit the participation of athletes or spectators and thus offer an international event worthy of the name.

Sebastian RODGER (GBR, World Junior bronze 4x400m and Silver U23 championships)

We are all making efforts and must continue to do so so that we can regain control of the situation and the word "normality" resumed its original meaning.

We wish to be with our athletes and the specators, again, as we are used to !




© photos:  courtesy of Athletix

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