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ATLETICAGENEVE at the General Assembly of the EuroMeetings

ATLETICAGENEVE is a World Athletics Continental Tour / Bronze meeting. It’s not “only” the 36th best meeting in the World, with its 84577 points, is the second best Bronze meeting in the World (and better than 7 Silver and 2 Gold meetings) ! The meeting is also part (and co-founder) of the EAP circuit, where it confirms its position as the undisputed leader since 2006 (16 years!), by achieving a new record for this same circuit. It is also quite natural that ATLETICAGENEVE is part of the EuroMeetings association and therefore present at the General Assembly, which was held in Tallin (EST) on October 22nd. This association has 48 of the best meetings in the world, in fact almost all the meetings of the Diamond League and the Gold Silver and Bronze meetings as well as some new Challengers meetings,

ATLETICAGENEVE - International meeting of Geneva

Since its creation in 1987, ATLETICAGENEVE has been serving athletes by offering the best international competition to Swiss athletes.
Co-founder of the EAP (European Athletics Promotion) circuit, ATLETICAGENEVE is a meeting where athletes adhere to the EAP Code of Conduct on the basis of the participation of athletes who do not cheat in any way.