Geneva and Annecy: the winning athletics week-end !

A great weekend of athletics is proposed this year! Geneva and Annecy (F) collaborate closely and partly complement each other in order to offer an attractive and quality weekend of athletics.
Annecy (National permit / Cat. F) is a new EAP meeting but the otherwise magnificent stadium has an enviable high competition tradition. For several years we have been thinking about this collaboration, and it is now done.

Many will remember Annecy for the organization of the U20 World Championships (1998), the Décanation (2010), the 2 European team championships (2002 and 2008), or the 3 French championships (1987, 1993 and 1994) and 1 French relay championships (1986).
It is therefore a very exciting new collaboration knowing also that the stadium records are comparable and sometimes better than those of the whole EAP! An enviable and renowned fast track!
One of the strong points of this collaboration will be the management of the national team runners in the 400m and 400m hurdles who, in Annecy, will have the opportunity to run the 4x400m relay (both Men's and Women's) !
Several teams confirmed their presence.
Discover the disciplines of the two meetings and you will see that these two meetings will attract a lot of interest and we look forward to it !

  • Men: 100m, 200m (invitational), 400m, 1500m, 110m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles, Long Jump (mixed), Pole Vault, Shot Put, Javelin Throw, 4x100m
  • Women: 100m, 200m (invitational), 400m, 100m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles, 800m, High Jump, Long Jump (mixed), Triple Jump, Hammer Throw, 4x100m
  • Youth local events (EAP members + local athletes):
    • M U18: 100m, 800m
    • W U18: 100m, 800m
Meeting records


100m9.96 (w+1.4)1220Arthur CISSÉ29 DEC 1996CIV10 JUN 2023PB
Athlete's profile
200m20.19 (w+1.3)1190Charles DOBSON20 OCT 1999GBR10 JUN 2023Athlete's profile
200m20.19 (w+0.6)1190Charleston CRAVONT02 JAN 1998USA11 JUN 2022Athlete's profile
400m44.821192Leungo SCOTCH28 FEB 1996BOT10 JUN 2023Athlete's profile
800m1.47.301104André BUCHER19 OCT 1976 SUI15 JUN 1996Athlete's profile
1000m2.22.58998Cheikh BOYE10 AUG 1961 SEN198.(?)Athlete's profile
1500m3:33.061202Ismael DEBJANI25 SEP 1990BEL12 JUN 2021PB+NR Athlete's profile
5000m15:06.16793Sami IMERI20 NOV 1963 SRB20 JUN 1998Athlete's profile
110m Hurdles13.24 (w-0.5)1208Garfield DARIEN22 DEC 1987 FRA02 JUN 2012Athlete's profile
400m Hurdles48.231220Alessandro SIBILIO27 APR 1999ITA10 JUN 2023 PB
Athlete's profile
3000m Steeplechase8.22.051157Benjamin KIPLAGAT04 MAR 1989 UGA11 JUN 2016Athlete's profile
High Jump2.311188Dimitrios CHONDROKOUKIS26 JAN 1988 CPR28 MAY 2011Athlete's profile
Pole Vault5.711187Charlie MYERS12 JUN 1997GBR15 JUN 2019PB + NU23R
Athlete's profile
Long Jump8.23 (w-0.3)1189Emmanuel BANGUÉ21 JUL 1971 FRA15 JUN 1996Athlete's profile
Triple Jump17.42 (w+1.2)1209Nathan DOUGLAS04 DEC 1982 GBR11 JUN 2006Athlete's profile
Javelin Throw80.971115Roberto BERTOLINI09 OCT 1985ITA06 JUN 2015 Athlete's profile
Discus Throw58.991042Patrick BUCHS07 OCT 1972 SUI20 JUN 1998Athlete's profile
Hammer Throw76.071133Marco LINGUA04 JUN 1978 ITA14 JUN 2003 Athlete's profile
Shot Put20.511151Andrei Rares TOADER26 MAY 1997ROU10 JUN 2023Athlete's profile
4x100m38.391195Christopher GARIA (1992), Churandy MARTINA (1984), Hensley PAULINA (1993), Taymir BURNET (1992)-NED15 JUN 2019


100m10.991202Christine ARRON13 SEP 1973FRA20 JUN 1998Athlete's profile
200m22.721163Jamile SAMUEL24 APR 1992 NED14 JUN 2014Athlete's profile
400m50.891170Christina BOTLOGETSWE01 OCT 1995BOT09 JUN 2018Athlete's profile
800m1.59.691168Maryam Yusuf JAMAL16 SEP 1984 BRN11 JUN 2005Athlete's profile
1000m2.46.341022Sheila SHEBALUCK13 DEC 1964MRI06 AUG 1988NR Athlete's profile
1500m4.15.671083Christina CARRUZZO09 JAN 1981SUI12 JUN 2004Athlete's profile
Mile4.22.341175Maryam Yusuf JAMAL16 SEP 1984 BRN09 JUN 2007CR (Asia) Athlete's profile
100m Hurdles12.691192Crystal MORRISON06 FEB 2002JAM11 JUN 2022Athlete's profile
400m Hurdles54.561186Petra FONTANIVE10 OCT 1988 SUI10 JUN 2017 PB Athlete's profile
3000m Steeplechase9.50.341118Anna Emilie MØLLER 28 JUL 1997 DEN11 JUN 2016Athlete's profile
High Jump1.931150Emily BORTHWICK02 SEP 1997 GBR12 JUN 2021PBAthlete's profile
Pole Vault4.701177Lene RETZIUS04 JAN 1996NOR11 JUN 2022NR Athlete's profile
Long Jump6.95 (+1.4)1207Tara DAVIS-WOODHALL20 MAY 1999USA10 JUN 2023Athlete's profile
Triple Jump14.47 (+0.6)1166Thea LAFOND05 APR 1994DMA10 JUN 2023Athlete's profile
Javelin Throw58.191044Lu HUIHUI26 JUN 1989 CHN06 JUN 2015Athlete's profile
Shot Put18.981144Krystyna DANYLCZYCK (ZABAWSKA )14 JAN 1968 POL198.(?)Athlete's profile
Hammer Throw71.141112Aleksandra SMIECH02 OCT 1997POL10 JUN 2023NR Athlete's profile
Discus Throw60.851087Izabela DA SILVA02 AUG 1995BRA11 JUN 2022Athlete's profile
4x100m42.421203Riccarda DIETSCHE 96 / Ajla DEL PONTE 96 / Mujinga KAMBUNDJI 92 / Salomé KORA 94SUI12 JUN 2021NR
  • Men: 100m, 200m, 400m, Mile, 400m Hurdles, 2000m Steeplechase, Long Jump, Triple Jump, 4x100m, 4x400m
  • Women: 100m, 200m, 400m, Mile, 400m Hurdles, 2000m Steeplechase, Long Jump, Triple Jump, 4x100m, 4x400m
  • Youth categories (M and W)
    •  U16: 1000m
    • U12: 50m
Stadium records


100m10.121165Christian MALCOLM03 JUN 1979GBRGBR29 JUL 1998Athlete's profile
200m20.27 (W-0.4)1180Marlon DEVONISH01 JUN 1976GBRGBR23 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
400m45.141170Daniel CAINES15 MAY 1979GBRGBR23 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
800m1.45.021173Arthémon HATUNGIMANA21 JAN 1974BDIBDI24 JUL 1994Athlete's profile
1500m3:36.541153Samir BENFARES06 JUN 1968FRAFRA?Athlete's profile
3000m7:53.411095Driss MAAZOUZI15 OCT 1969FRAFRA23 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
5000m13:40.921095Mohamed CHOUMASSI02 DEC 1969MARMAR?Athlete's profile
10000m28:25.701095Mustapha ESSAÏD20 JAN 1970FRAFRA24 JUL 1993Athlete's profile
110m Hurdles13.11 (W+0.5)1233David OLIVER22 DEC 1987 USAUSA11 SEP 2010Athlete's profile
400m Hurdles48.411210Fabrizio MORI28 JUN 1969ITAITA22 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
3000m Steeplechase8.22.441156Raymond PANNIER12 FEB 1961FRAFRA08 AUG 1987Athlete's profile
High Jump2.321197Andrey SILNOV09 SEP 1984RUSRUS21 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Pole Vault5.931247Jean GALFIONE09 JUN 1971FRAFRA25 JUL 1993Athlete's profile
Long Jump8.17 (w+0.2)1114Chris TOMLINSON15 SEP 1981GBRGBR21 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Triple Jump17.46 (w+0.5)1214Phillips IDOWU30 DEC 1978GBRGBR22 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Shot Put20.551154Yuriy BILONOH07 MAY 1993 UKRUKR22 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
Discus Throw68.341214Mario PESTANO08 APR 1978ESPESP22 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Hammer Throw79.261191Szymon ZIÓŁKOWSKI01 JUL 1976POLPOL21 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Javelin Throw80.971219Sergey MAKAROV19 MAR 1973RUSRUS23 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
4x100m38.481189Christian MALCOLM, Tyrone EDGAR, Marlon DEVONISH, Rikki FIFTON-GBRGBR21 JUN 2008Team's profile
4x400m38.481188Jared DEACON, Tim BENJAMIN, Jamie BAULCH, Daniel CAINES-GBRGBR23 JUN 2002Team's profile
Decathlon80341131Sébastien LEVICQ25 JUN 1971FRAFRA?Athlete's profile


100m10.96 (w+0.4)1209Muriel HURTIS25 MAR 1979FRAFRA22 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
200m22.51 (W+0.6)1184Muriel HURTIS25 MAR 1979FRAFRA22 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
400m50.701178Antonina YEFREMOVA19 JUL 1981UKRUKR22 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
800m1.59.761167Irina MISTYUKEVICH17 JUN 1977RUSRUS22 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
1500m4:03.741176Maria CIONCAN19 JUN 1977ROUROU22 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
3000m8:38.031180Gabriela SZABO14 NOV 1975ROUROU23 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
5000m15:23.971117Nataliya BERKUT30 MAY 1975UKRUKR22 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
10000m33:00.961086Rosario MURCIA23 SEP 1964FRAFRA?Athlete's profile
100m Hurdles12.64 (W-0.2)1200Patricia GIRARD08 APR 1968FRAFRA23 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
400m Hurdles53.381224Yuliya PECHONKINA21 APR 1978RUSRUS22 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
3000m Steeplechase8.22.441155Gulnara GALKINA09 JUL 1978RUSRUS21 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
High Jump2.031249Ariane FRIEDRICH10 JAN 1984GERGER21 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Pole Vault4.731186Yuliya GOLUBCHIKOVA27 MAR 1983RUSRUS21 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Long Jump7.42 (W+2.0)1311Tatyana KOTOVA11 DEC 1976RUSRUS21 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Triple Jump14.73 (w+2.2)1179Olha SALADUKHA30 DEC 1978UKRUKR21 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Shot Put19.631184Svetlana KRIVELYOVA13 JUN 1969RUSRUS23 JUN 2002Athlete's profile
Discus Throw65.911180Natalya SADOVA15 JUN 1972RUSRUS22 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Hammer Throw75.971190Aksana MIANKOVA10 MAY 1982BLRBLR22 JUN 2008Athlete's profile
Javelin Throw68.171230Osleidys MENENDEZ14 NOV 1979CUBCUB28 JUL 1998Athlete's profile
4x100m42.411203Patricia GIRARD, Muriel HURTIS, ...-FRAFRA22 JUN 2002Team's profile
4x400m3.23.771191?-RUSRUS?Team's profile
Eptathlon58151039Shen SHENGFEI21 JAN 1981CHNCHN01 AUG 1998Athlete's profile

ATLETICAGENEVE - International meeting of Geneva

Since its creation in 1987, ATLETICAGENEVE has been serving athletes by offering the best international competition to Swiss athletes.
Co-founder of the EAP (European Athletics Promotion) circuit, ATLETICAGENEVE is a meeting where athletes adhere to the EAP Code of Conduct on the basis of the participation of athletes who do not cheat in any way.